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Linii complete pentru ambalări în pungi și cutii de carton, inclusiv mașina Monoblock și mașina de ambalat în saci, matrițe de formare și aparate de sigilare. Oferim soluții începând de la materialele pentru ambalat, până la produsul finit, paletizat și gata pentru a fi livrat.

Bag in Box Monoblock – Mod. Monobib

Mașină Monoblock pentru ambalat în saci și cutii, pentru introducerea în pungi și sigilarea cutiilor cu lipici topit la cald.

Părțile mașinii care intră în contact cu produsul sunt făcute din oțel inoxidabil AISI 304 și AISI 316. Utilajul este compus din:

  • Ejector automat pentru carton;
  • Aparat automat de umplere a pungilor;
  • Aparat automat de sigilat.


  1. Sistem pentru vidare prin supape
  2. Sistem pentru injectare de nitrogen după umplerea pungilor, prin supape
  3. Valve pentru verificarea și ajustarea presiunii aerului în pungi
  4. Valves for condensate discharge and control of the steam sanification temperature
  5. Air absorber for stabilization of the pressure of the product (to limit the thrust loads during filling), complete with valve for inner cleaning of main tank.


Automatic Rotary Aseptic Filler – Mod. BIB 161

The filler is specially designed to automatically fill “pre-cut continuous module” or WEB type bags. Automatic Rotary Aseptic Filler

Any type of spout may be used, even with a single guide shaft, and may be placed in any position on the bag. A “size change over” kit is provided for each type of spout.

The heart of the machine is the rotary table which manages all the aseptic filling tasks in six separate steps: bag loading and unloading, spraying of cap and feed gate with hydrogen peroxide, sterilization, removal of cap, filling and capping. A solution not just suitable for oenological products but also soft drinks, dairy drinks, sauces, fruit syrups etc and one that can be used with bags ranging in size from 3 to 20 litres at output rates of up to 850 pieces/hour.
The key strength of this integrated filling-packaging unit, which combines all the functions needed to create the characteristic Bag in Box packages – from carton forming with hot melt closure to filling, including inbox bag insertion and box closure – is the high degree of automation, which allows efficient control of 1.5, 2, 3, 5 and 10-20 litre bags. The unit is user-friendly, requires no supervising worker and stands out on account of a design that, thanks to vacuum technology, allows evacuation of air prior to filling: moreover, a special pouring tap and gravity-drop bag ensure the product never comes into contact with air or any other oxidant or contaminant. The same filling valve, together with the as-standard software for automatic machine steam-cleaning, thus ensures complete “ultra-clean” management of the entire process.

PRODUCT: food grade, pumpable, sterilized, high or low acidity
1.5 liters: 900 bags in box / hour
2 liters: 900 bags in box / hour
3 liters: 900 bags in box / hour
5 liters: 800 bags in box / hour
10 liters: 700 bags in box / hour
15 liters: 600 bags in box / hour
20 liters: 500 bags in box / hour

– compact, skid-mounted, plug and play.
– continuous filling process
– automatic CIP and SIP procedures

FILLING ACCURACY: – ± 0.5 % of filling value

pre-formed, treated with gamma rays 1,5l, 2l, 3l, 5l, 10l, 15l, 20l capacity
Maximum size: length= 550mm width= 500mm

Automatic Filler – Mod. Linear

Automatic Filler for bag in box- ULTRA CLEAN
Automatic Filler for bag in box type “pre-cut continuous modular” or WEB, with neck positioned near the side of the bags which are moving forward.

The machine is suitable for: wine, water, fruit juices, various concentrates, sauces, oil, detergents and other various liquids.

1,5 lt Bag – 820 bags per hour
2 lt Bag – 800 bags per hour
3 lt Bag – 750 bags per hour
5 lt Bag – 600 bags per hour
10 lt Bag – 450 bags per hour
15 lt Bag – 350 bags per hour
20 lt Bag – 300 bags per hour
The production depends on the type of product.

Semi-Automatic Filler – Mod. Fillbag

Automatic introduction, cut and bag filling

The filler, provided with a flow-meter, is made of stainless steel.

Machine features:

-program for the automatic washing with chemical solution and, on demand, by steam;
-possibility of sucking the eventual residual air from the bag before filling it;
-possibility of introducing a gas blowing (nitrogen as usual) at the end of the filling phase.

Technical characteristics:

-suitable to handle formats from 1.5 up to 25 liters
-output based on the 3 l bag : 400÷500 pieces/hour
-guarantee of protection against the absorption of oxygen thanks to the system ‘no oxygen pick up’ (guaranteed values below 0,1 PPM)


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